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Based on 109 customer reviews from our shopper community, Waste Management’s overall rating is 1.16 out of 5 stars and 4% of reviewers recommend this brand. Detailed ratings are also provided below to help you learn more about this brand. No customer consider Waste Management overall a good value option, based on a rating of 1.33 from 3 votes. The most common issues with Waste Management are around Shipping & Delivery, Return Policy, Customer Service and Price & Quality based on a rating of 2.0, 1.67, 1.60 and 1.50.


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May 11, 2023
"Extremely poor service, negligent.."
This company after just paying an Invoice for the month, took the bin away without any consultation, they replaced It over 10 days later for which time I had to order another service. They are now threatening me with early cancellation charges for which I will not pay and I am currently seeking legal advice, they also did not apologise.
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May 06, 2023
"Seriously greedy, despicable company."
Seriously, the biggest ripoff from ANY company that I am forced to use. Seriously??? Who charges almost $100 a month for trash pickup. I live alone and have very little trash, yet you people still charge me nearly $100 a month. This company is despicable and greedy as heck. It's trash folks! No one should be charged $100 a month or more for trash pick-up unless you are a business. Your greedy company is beyond disgusting. I will find someplace else to get rid of my trash. And honestly, I think every Waste Management resident should all stand up to this horrendous greed. We all need to file lawsuits against this company.
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May 04, 2023
"Unreliable liars"
They only allow residential customers to have two pick ups per week and they must sign up for automatic payments. The company misses probably 8% of their pick ups. They raise their prices without notification and it is automatically deducted from your bank account. The final straw was they missed a pick up and I called, I was told that they had mechanical problems, OK I understand that, and they would be back the next day; when they didn’t show up the next day I called again, and I was told they were there, but the garbage was not out....liars!!!!
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May 03, 2023
"I have been waiting a whole week for my…"
I have been waiting a whole week for my skipbin which WINZ has ordered and paid for me to no avail I ring everyday to track it and phone lines are overly exceeded when I do get through I get told to ring WINZ back please some one help how hard can it be to track my client number
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May 02, 2023
"The Hand Doesn't Know What the Foot is Doing!"
This type of company has gotten so large that the hand doesn't know what the foot is doing. My driver is EXCELLENT, and I'm fearful that he will leave. The office people who handle phone calls are courteous and helpful, and the people that bring containers to homes are kind and helpful. The Communication between all of the parts of the company is the WORST. I paid a year in advance, but receiving a container took one month. This last week I was alerted on my mobile app that pick-up would be a day later. I was okay with that and kept my garbage out. No one picked it up. Now I have to wait another week for a pickup because dispatch canceled my pickup. I am moving into this home with lots of recycling and garbage. I live in a nice neighborhood, and most people have garbage pickup on Weds, and mine is on Fridays. I am the only home in this neighborhood that goes with WM. It's probably time I get on board with my neighbors.

UPDATE May 4, 2023:
I sent 4 emails in response and I believe no human at WM reads these reviews. You are sent down a rabbit hole of automated emails and encouraged to use their USELESS app. Here are more details, WM:
Thank you for reaching out. I have had WM Service since March, when I purchased this property in Floyds Knobs, IN. I paid online for a year in advance. It took almost one month just to receive a container. I stayed with the service because my driver is fantastic. I hope he is still with you and if he is he needs a BIG pay raise. I received an alert on my app that services would be delayed by one day. I was supposed to have my normal pick up on April 28th then expected it Saturday the 29th. No one picked up. A storm was blowing my garbage down the street which was horrifying in this neighborhood. I may be the only WM customer in this subdivision? I called first thing Monday to report a missed pickup and got a run around story then finally received an apology and told that my garbage would be picked up that day or the next. Then I received a voicemail later Monday with an apology that dispatch canceled my pick up. Again the wind was blowing so hard on Monday when I put my garbage out again. I had to go pick up trash that was blowing down the street. I am moving in. I have many broke down boxes and styrofoam. I have it all in my garage waiting for tomorrows pick up…now I have double the garbage and it is so embarrassing. I will cancel this service if I don’t get it all picked up properly tomorrow May 5th. It would be helpful to know earlier if there will be a problem. I also would like to know if I have my same driver.
Thank you again.
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April 26, 2023
"If i could give this company zero stars…"
If i could give this company zero stars i would.
One star is being very very generous .
i notice that Waste management reply to the many many complaints on trust pilot. It’s like turning up to an earthquake with a dustpan and brush. i use this analogy because there appears to be more effort into damage control than basic customer service. but i digress!

After paying an invoice that was admittedly late ( i paid it after an email prompt.) They took my money then sent an email a day later saying my service was cancelled.
(And on the day my rubbish was due to be collected.)
The previous day i had clicked ‘renew service’ and it took me to the very basic and simple (but not clear) account page.
I paid on line. I Thought that by clicking on ‘renew service’ and paying my invoice that… it had renewed my service.
I mean… you would right? What a foolish mistake that was.
Yes my payment was late. I’m not disputing that. It was very late. 2 months almost. It’s the continued errors and painful processes and dire customer service I have a problem with.

Firstly - i responded to the invoice sent to me in February advising that I will do a part payment now and the rest a week later. I fired off this email on my iphone. On looking today i realise that the invoice they’d sent via ‘email had a ‘do not reply’ return address.
An oversight… usually a company email will bounce back - alerting that you’d sent the email to an incorrect address.
I guess just hitting ‘reply’ i was expecting far too much.
But no. Nothing bounced back to alert me- my mistake. I continued in ignorant bliss.
However another generic email alerted me that a payment was owed. Oh heck. I thought. It had completely slipped my mind - and as I thought i’d sent an email to customer service ( an oxymoron) i figured i had kept them up to date. I paid the remainder of my bill - to be clear i did this by clicking on the icon within the email that said ‘Renew.’
Job done right? Invoice up to date. Renewed button clicked. Done and dusted.
So imagine my surprise when i received a ‘we have cancelled your account’ email the following day.
What ensued was a bad experience in customer service. Firstly the person picking up the phone sounded like i had interrupted her from a deep sleep as she mumbled the company name. I was.. annoyed. And… so was she. ( and this is their customer service!) She was confused as to why my account was cancelled. She put me through to someone else who assured me that my account wasn’t cancelled.
confusing huh? For clarity i asked for a manager. Hoping i’d get someone good at trouble shooting and if it’s not too much to ask for- awake.
Finally got through to the rudest customer service ( ha!) manager i have encountered… ever. She was **instantly defensive ** and launched into how the company is not a bank( um… never said you were?) and how all companies use the same processes.
I asked her to appreciate how confusing an email saying ‘renew’ click here- takes your money - could be seen as confusing.
I got the feeling she rather enjoyed arguing and instead of sorting it out - like ya know.. managers are meant / paid to do. She would interrupt. Talk over me. I could see there was no wriggle room, no understanding of an over sight. Like i said. I don’t dispute the payment was late. It was an oversight. Please note i had been with them for 8 years. It’s not like this was my first bill from them.
But that accounts for nothing as far as the manager was concerned. Instead of looking at the bigger picture or search for a solution she seemed to be eager to pull the account. Happy, almost to whip it away.

There was no way this manager was going to do anything for me. Well why should she? Customer retention is indeed part of the job. Just don’t expect it.
I don’t think i’ve ever had a manager that seemed to happy that you would look elsewhere for another service. I always like to treat people the way they treat me. I worked doing the same job - customer care company taking 100s of calls. Often the customer would get shirty and asked to speak to the manager. I worked with professionals who would find a solution even in the midst of an annoyed customer.

Honestly go elsewhere. The minute you have a problem you will have an argument on your hands. This is how they operate. They have inept systems, misleading emails and terrible customer service. Avoid!
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April 19, 2023
"Carry Out Service missed pick up for the past 6 weeks!"
We have lived at our residence for 7 years and pay for "Carry Out service" as we live off the main street up a private drive. For the past 6 weeks the driver(s) who picks up the recycle or yard waste have not come up the private drive to collect our container. The garbage drive never has an issue and always collects our weekly garbage. For the past 6 weeks, I have to call WM to come and pick up our recycling or yard waste. Always told the driver came on Monday and our containers were not out on the street curbside, therefore a missed pick up. We have NEVER walked down the hill (private drive) and put our recycle or yard waste container on street curbside. We pay an extra fee for WM to come get our containers. I am so tired of calling WM about this issue. Customer Service staff are always nice and say "Oh yes, I see that you do pay for Carry out Service". What is going on with this company!?
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April 18, 2023
"Horrible service"
Horrible, horrible service. I would give 0 stars if that was an option. After many months of issues and my trash not being picked up, I decided to cancel service at the end of the service period. I was then charged $93.06 fee to pick up the container! The invoice states, "If services are cancelled after initial acceptance, you will be assessed a Cart Removal charge of up to $75 plus applicable taxes and charges including fuel surcharge, environmental charge and regulatory cost recovery charge, unless the cart removal charge is not allowed by regulation or contract." The problem is, I cancelled after the service period ended. When I called customer service, I was in queue for over 45 minutes and when finally answered, was told by the customer service rep that I had to pay it or it would go to collections. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they transferred me to the collections group because the rep stated, "that's where it's going to go when you don't pay it." I was then transferred and after another 20 minutes I was disconnected. This is outrageous...$93 to collect their own container?!?! Then there is no way to dispute the charges. DO NOT USE Waste (mis)Management. Horrible trash collection service and horrible customer service.
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April 18, 2023
"lied about contract terms to deceitfully force customer into long-term contract"

I'm still in complete disbelief about my entire situation and cannot begin to believe this is lawful. In January of 2023, my company moved into a new location in Southeast Portland and I was under the false belief that a commercial business was required to have Waste Management services. I proceeded to contact Waste Management and after 3 days of holds, disconnects, redirects to the wrong departments etc. I finally was put in touch with a sales representative. Their price was inordinately high for the limited amount of service I needed but the rep reaffirmed that I needed service and I agreed to move forward with the $225 a month for weekly garbage pickup. We spoke for about 30 minutes as I asked a million questions and at no point did the sales representative mention to me that this was a long-term contract. I was then emailed a docusign and signed it with a digital signature.
Fast forward to today, April 17th 2023; last week I learned that my business because it's commercial in Southeast was not legally obligated to have Waste Management services. This bothered me that I was not told the truth on the call with Waste Management in the first place but at least I caught it after only 2 months and could call and end service. After a relatively short hold period of 30 minutes including 2 redirects to different departments, I asked to cancel my service and was shocked when I was told I would need to pay an early cancellation fee! That's when I was told I had signed a 3-year commitment for a weekly service, that at most, I would use once every 4 months.

This practice of lying to prospective customers then changing the language in a docusign contract to trap them into a long-term contract that the customer did not agree to is beyond deceitful and must be illegal.

If anyone that is reading this has had a similar situation and can put me in touch with a lawyer to help me fight this, please contact me.


Ed Wagner
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April 18, 2023
"Horrible customer service and order entry"
I am not a person to jump online and rip on companies, but I've had two issues with contacting WM on two different occasions. The first was simply getting service started. The container was never dropped off which resulted in calling several times sitting on hold. The most recent was just now. Started with finding the bin missing a wheel after trash pickup a couple weeks ago. Called and was told it would be up to ten business days...no problem. I wait several days, and a guy comes up to my house and took a picture of my house and bin, but does nothing. I called and was told there was no record of a service ticket in the system...how'd the guy show up at my home? I have footage on my security camera if dispatch would like to have it! They put in a new order. I sat in my office finding myself more aggravated thinking back about the incident, called to talk about canceling service, and they told me they could see the service ticket to fix my LID! They put in another ticket so we'll see what happens this time. It's utterly ridiculous that it takes three calls sitting on hold to get a wheel fixed and then be told it would cost me $75 to cancel service...it might just happen this Friday! Seriously, I'd think offering SOMETHING was warranted...a prorated service as a gesture of customer appreciation and acknowledging their poor customer service perhaps!!!
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April 18, 2023
STAY AWAY!!! They allowed someone to cancel my account, not just once, but twice. It took them 3 weeks to get me a new can. They refused to prorate a credit for the two weeks that I was not receiving service. I paid for 3 months and they provided 2 weeks of service. When I finally had enough of their incompetence and cancelled my service, they refused to refund me the unused service time. They claimed their policy on refunds is spelled out on the invoice but the customer service representative couldn’t find that clause. Her manager said it is under the terms of service. So not only did they take 2 1/2 months of service money that I paid in advance but they are also charging me $75 to come and pick up their trash can. I have contacted the better business bureau and filed a complaint. Do yourself a favor and find a competent company to do business with. WM is not that company.
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April 15, 2023
"This company just keeps getting worst"
This company just keeps getting worst. This year they raised the price without any type of notification and now we received a letter telling us that they will be scanning our bins because of “fear” of contamination. In all reality they want us to do their job and to top it off they will now scan possible sensitive information. Where does this information go or get stored at?
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April 14, 2023
"This is a horrible company don’t able…"
This is a horrible company don’t able to business with these people
I’ve been using their services for six years. I can’t wait to get out of my contract.
I’ve been double charged last two days I’m trying to get my money back. They don’t even answer the phones.
Horrible customer service, which is none.
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April 14, 2023
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April 12, 2023
"Incompetent service"
I canceled service cause the pick up guy didn’t pick up my can. When I called I was told the notes said my can wasn’t out. They drove by my can again a day later and charged me for the drive by. My last service with them was 3 months ago. They bill a $13 late fee every month still. Even though I don’t have a balance. I waste an hour every month on the phone with them. If I ignore it, it goes to collections. Every month they assure me it’s resolved. I wish I never heard of of WM. 26-84203-93005. Hey WM, here’s my account number. I’m going to seek out platforms to write reviews until you resolve this.

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